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Motherboard & CPU New


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I am getting a Satillite Card and well some of you might know my second PCI-E slot is dead on my motherboard. So I am upgrading (i want to anyways)

I have a Asus M2N32-SLI DELUXE right now, is this one better or equal to it. Is it just the Wireless that is missing?


and this is the deal that I think I am going with... if motherboard is ok...



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That is actually a downgrade, I would actually get another M2N32-SLI DELUXE, or jump to one of the ASUS AMD 790 boards.


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The board you have is running the 590 chipset vs the 500. Your board has true dual 16x SLI, more SATA ports, better audio, dual Gigabit LAN, e-SATA port, more USB, more Firewire, more BIOS control for overclocking.


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Oh and another thing, your current board will support AM2+ CPUs, (including Phenom), the other won't.

Cool, I stand corrected. I am going to be making the same upgrade myself. I am still using the socket 939 version of your board.
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I just checked newegg for the motherboard and its 174, and tigerdirect is 248 but newegg does not ship to canada.


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Sorry, I didn't check your location. Too bad you couldn't get someone to order it for you and then send it to you.

I was thinking that, but I don't really have anyone out there. And I don't think anyone would want to do it (as in people I know online).


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So I searched around on ebay and other places and I just ordered the

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+


Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition


AzureWave AD-SE200 Twinhan 1028 Satellite HDTV PCI Card

for a total of $366


Now since this is the same exact motherboard as I have in my system right now, im only putting in a new cpu and changing PCI-E slots for my videocard. What problems will I run into? Are there any, do I need to reinstall everything.
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Everything should just plug and go. You will have to probably reinstall the graphics and chipset drivers, but you should not have to do a full reinstall of windows.

Congrats, on finding the good deals!!!


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thanks shamus but I just said I already got everything, but I will check that out for next time.

But when I am installing new motherboard and cpu, should I uninstall the drivers for my videocard and anything else that I moving around?

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Since you are changing the vid card slot I would remove the drivers, reboot then go into device manager and remove the display. Shut down and do your change.
I was thinking that, but I don't really have anyone out there. And I don't think anyone would want to do it (as in people I know online).

Doesn't work. Your immigration dept intercepts all tech items and you would have to pay a hefty import duty before they would give it to you. I have a buddy in Nova Scotia and they nailed him for import duty even when I was sending him old used stuff. :(


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Does changing the position of the SATA cables for the hard drive make a difference, I believe I have ran into problems with that before.


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Sometimes it can rearrange your drive letters, but it should keep them as they are. I just did a major system upgrade, and drives kept their drive letters with exception of the optical drives.

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