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Motherboard code FF? Computer won't boot

I've exhausted anything I know about motherboards. As far as I can gather, most motherboards have an FF indication that means "boot", but it doesn't help me all that much. Anyone else have any ideas? My wife wants to watch her Desperate Housewives really bad.
What motherboard make and model?

I assume the FF is a code on a built in LCD display. Each manufacturer uses different codes.

Are there any beep codes coming out of the PC speaker? These also vary with different manufacturers and different bios versions.
It's an Epox 8rdA+ with an Athlon XP 2800+. I'm about to swap out motherboards and see if I have a problem child on my hands. Googling didn't make me too happy :(
I used to have that same mobo and from what I remember FF was the code that was displayed to indicate everything was working fine. If you still have the manual for the board laying around the LCD codes were located in the last 2 pages of the manual.
I’ve had a few Epox boards and if my memory serves me right “FF” means that there is no problem. However the LED display could be locked at this value. Remove the graphics card and re-boot watching the LED display which should change rapidly, if no beeps are in evidence then either the BIOS has gone west (as this was the cause on a Epox 8KHA+ solved by ordering a new BIOS chip) or the motherboard has a fault. If you can use the jumper to zero the BIOS (clearing the settings) and re-boot holding down the delete key (I think) then select load BIOS defaults.

If the above does not work try swapping out the power supply as this worked with an AKRA2+ board with a KT 600 chipset.

Have you recently flashed the BIOS as there was known problem with some EPOX boards using the Alt F2 method also some Epox boards were fitted with doggy capacitors on the 5 volt line conditioning circuitry on the board itself, look for capacitors with a brown deposit on the top, these can be repaired but it’s not cost effective.

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