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I have an Abit KR7A-133R Mobo, using crucial 512MB RAM, Geforce 4 4400ti, AMD Althon 1800+. I left my computer on while I went to class, and when I came back, it was still on, but unresponsive. It would not come back on even if I moved the mouse or hit the keyboard. So I restarted the PC. WHen I restarted, the motherboard had one long beep, then waited about 10 seconds, and gave one long beep again, and continued to let out one long beep in this same fashion until I turned the computer off. I tried clearing the CMOS, but that is not working. I called ABIT tech support, and they were not much help. They told me that the code is implying that the memory may be the cause of the problem. If you can help me I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. And the quicker you can respond, the better. Thanks.


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It's not the CPU (would be no beeps at all) or CMOS (you tried the obvious).

1rst make sure everything is seated properly in the MB sockets . Sounds like you just got back to school so the move may have jarred something loose.

Next bad memory or MB is on the list. If you have 2 Dimms try each, one at a time (make sure to but the dimm in the right socket.). If not see if someone will check your's in their system. (Better to not risk good ram in your system if the MB may be bad).

There is not much else that would cause this severe a problem. Maybe a really screwed up vid or sound card. Try pulling out any add in cards and booting. If the beeps stay the same it's pretty much down to the MB.
Its all set now, i moved the RAM into another DIMM, and the computer worked. There was a lot of dust inside all of the contacts that are exposed when the RAM is in place, but I blew it out with some compressed air, and I left the RAM in the other slot, and it is working fine now, I may try it back into the other slot. For now though it works for me. Thanks for your help.

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