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just watched it......loved when they ask people off the street random questions.One in particular made me shake my head and laugh..........Name any city not in the U.S.
He answered Honolulu:confused: :confused: ...oh boy.....guess he didnt learn his 50states/capitals in grade school....guess I dont live in the US then

Then they asked where the Eiffel Tower was located.......girl answers New York...........:confused: :confused:

Another one was who fought in the American Civil War.....think the girl said Spain or Mexico........:confused: :confused:

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A girl from UK Big Brother 3 said she didn't know who Sadam Hussain was. She asked "Is he a boxer?". She thought Shelock Holmes invented the toilet and that Rio de Janeiro was a footballer . :) She also asked "Do they speak English in America?" D'oh

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Uneducated American's :( I think compared to other countries, American ed system sucks. Thing's are so much harder in other places. What people used to learn in Russia in mid 6th grade, I learned here in 8th in an advanced class.

a bit sad...

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