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Most expensive gaming console ever?


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NeoGeo? My buddy had an original one with the sticker on it and it was $649 quite a while ago.


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oh damn i think i know what you're on about, they were like massive CD's, like silver records, made some time in the late 70's or early 80's, i cant for the life of me remember who made them tho... :(

shamus you the man! haha :) that wuda bugged me all night! i'll sleep easy now, lol :)

oh the memories.... :p
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yeah definitely brought back some memories of consoles of old, im long since gone outta gaming since i have a very short attention span, lol, last game i really ever played was Streets of Rage 2 on the sega megadrive II, or the sega genesis as it was known stateside! i do remember however around the same time the rich kid showing off his atari jaguar and his handheld sega game gear!


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Those massive silver records were called LaserDiscs if I remember right. My mate had one of those. Think his parents had one for kareoke or something. lol :p

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