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Most comprehensive e-tailer?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu

I am just about at the point where I shall be ordering all the main components for my next build - an AMD64 3500 :) :)

Now one thing I am CERTAIN of is that I am going to house this in a Nexus Breeze case (I am aiming for a nice quiet system). I expect I shall have to buy the case as a "special" - but I was going to try to find just ONE other etailer for my remaining components. I have been surprised that often there is a poor selection of 939 mobos - or limited availability.

Places I have already been - Novatech, QuietPC, overclock.co.uk, KustomPC and I am also aware of Ebuyer (but not tried there yet). Plus I quite like Komplett - but their server seemed to be down this morning :confused:

So anyway, any others? Of course I'll click on a few OSNN ads too.... ;)


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I normally recommend newegg.com but I just realized you're in the UK and newegg doesn't ship international which makes this post useless.

I'm not even sure why i'm hitting the post button..


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Didn't Fitz just say that Xie.
hehe yeah but I only read the 1st part of his post suggesting newegg .. then I read it all and noticed that he noticed newegg doesn't ship overseas .. so I edited it. :(


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
most helpful thread - thanks guys! Found I am using Ebuyer for the "guts" IE mobo, processor, RAM, drives and Novotech for the case (they seem to have a monopoly on nexus breeze) plus thecoolingshop was great tip for my coolers since they ship free and had remaindered C model AGP cooler, which suits me fine since I'll need the optional fan to go with it I think for my 9700 pro.

Probably get the order in tomorrow to build for next weekend :) Unless I get any further ideas that change my mind on SATA or the Winchester as opposed to Newcastle (going to make a thread on that question I think)
Damn dude just checked the nexus breeze at novatech..... your're seriously trying to spend my money aren't you??? That is one seriously nice case, I'm ight just have to get one.... if I can get my tagan psu in there instead :) would be perfect I think

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