Moses called his VP Sales.

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    On the way to the promised land, the Jews reached the Red Sea. Moses called his VP engineering, "Build me a bridge."
    The VP Engineering replied, "No way, boss. This is the desert. There are no trees."

    Moses called his VP Sales. "Go work a deal with the Egyptians. Negotiate our freedom."
    The VP Sales beetled off and returned an hour later, "No way, boss, the Egyptians want us dead."
    Despairing, Moses called his VP Public Relations, Yankele.

    "No problem boss. You see that rock. Go stand on it. Raise your arms and ask God to open the Red Sea. Take the Israelites through to the other side. There you'll find another rock. Stand on it. Wait until the Egyptians are in the Red Sea. Put your arms in the air and ask God to bring the Red Sea together. He will. Your enemies will be drowned. And you will progress to the promised land."

    Moses looked quizzically. "This nonsense going to work?" Moses asked.
    The VP Public Relations replied, "I don't know, boss, but, if it does, I'll get you three pages in the Old Testament."

    - Lisa

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