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Morrowind... Should I get it?


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Has anyone played the game? I've heard it take 100 hours to get into and another 200 hours to finish, and that it has 400 quests! I was wondering if the game is good, and if I should get it... thank you for your reply..


I've got it and I can honestly say that I cant really get into it. I like my RPG's and was really looking forward to this, but as yet I can't say that I'm that impressed. Graphics are really nice, they've obviously spent a lot of time creating the gameworld (no surprise because it is absolutely gigantic) but the game is one hell of a system hog so if you want to see the full potential of what the engine can do you're going to need a serious beast of a pc.
The game itself is very freeform in nature, you can ignore the main quest totally and just head off into the wilderness to play the game on your own terms (theres what seems to be an endless supply of Guild quests).
Trouble I've found with it is that its all a bit, well, too big. Navigating your way around the place is a nightmare - some of the obscure places you have to find take FOREVER to find on foot, even if you're running.
Its also hard to keep track of quests, like who you need to speak to and where you find them as the game journal quickly becomes filles with useless bits of information in between all the relevant stuff, so you find yourself flicking through page after page to find what you need.
There are a few bugs though. For example - you can steal stuff for fun, it really is very easy. If you get caught you pay a small fine , which isn't a problem due to the mass of stuff you can pilfer and then hawk to a local merchant. If the merchants don't like you because of your bad reputation, just use 'Persuasion' on them until they do like you and then flog all your stuff for greatly increased prices. So its not too hard to amass a small fortune and train yourself up to god-like status with all the best kit available without really breaking sweat.
The combat is, IMHO, boring - just point and click repeatedly till the luckless beast you encountered is dead as you have no idea of how much damage you're doing to your target. All enemies attack in the same manner - run straight at you and attack, or attack from range, then run in. Gets very repetetive very quickly.
I dunno if I'm getting old, but I just don't seem to have the patience this game obviously requires. If you have the patience and you don't mind slow paced adventuring then this could be for you.
Sadly I don't think I'll be completing this one - I keep going back to it for another go, but quickly become bored and change game.
Hope that gives you some idea of what its like, I'd try and borrow it first to get your own odea on it before forking out the moolah.


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I can understand the perspective of the above poster but it really depends on your taste in games and gameplay. I would get Morrowind if:

1) You don't mind games that sometimes be slightly slowpaced due to the time it takes to move between locations - and you have patience to deal with other sometimes dragging moments when you move yourself about.

2) You like immersive environments and being part of a huge world which for the largest part is believable - the graphics are spectacular in that respect, all the towns have there own feel, from the Small town atmosphere of Balmora, to the great towering citadel componds of Vivec. You can even build your own great strongholds in the houses that you can join later

3) You like controlling your own destiny; the stats you mentioned are correct - it takes time to find your footing in the world but once you do then it gets better from there if your patient as there is so much to do apart from the main quest.

This game is definately not for everyone as some elements can appear slightly fiddly to begin with like the combat / inventory system, but once you get used to it and you enjoy immersive fantasy worlds, being in complete control of what you do in a game and have the patience then this could be for you :D

Also, the best part I would say is that you can download plugins from the internet that add new quests / sounds / events / characters / houses / classes etc so that even if you finish the game one you can replay as another class / race.
get it....now! the graphics are simply mind boggling and the gameplay interesting. this is not really a hack-'n-slash like d2, so don't get it if you're looking for that type of game.

all in all, definitely worth the money.


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I suggest getting it. The main thing that bothers me about RPGs is how linear they are and how you have such little say in your own destiny. I've had the game for a month now, I play it every day for 3-5 hours, and I have done ONE thing that corresponds to the main storyline. Everything else I have done has been of my own volition. I've cleaned out a vault by choice, killed drunken people, stolen weaponry from a store and went across the street to sell it to his competitor, made a half-tiger chick fall in love with me, and wiped out an entire inn full of people because I decided they all needed to treat me with more respect. "What's that, lady? You won't serve me?? FINE! How's about I ram this 5'foot broadsword down your throat?!?! You like that?? HUH?!?! Oh! What's that, Random Guy Who Looks At Me Funny?? You want some too??"

Whew. Okay, granted what *I* do with my time on Morrowind might seem a tad, erm...evil. But hey! You don't have to be! You can be nice and help lovers find eachother across the continent, help crack addicts kick the habit, defend your guild's honor, and kill creatures that are disturbing the peace in towns.

It IS a massive game, and as for the time, it took me a couple of hours to get into it, but once I saw the possibilities inherent within the game, it got me hooked. It's as long as you make it, and as for the 400 quests, about, oh....I'd say 360 of those are optional. So don't worry about it taking too long to finish, because for me, the fun of this game isn't bothering to finish. There's just so much shit to DO!

Anyway, get the game, use the map (you WILL need it!), go to morrowind.com's forum for help, and have a blast. Go kill a rich guy for me while you're at it. ;)


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Wel, first of all, I am not going to by the PC version, but the Xbox version.. so no problem in the specs. Sounds like an interesting game tho... I am going to check it out! :)


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Great idea :) but I would still get the PC version - your choice of course - as you have instant access to the update patch which adds a couple of new features / fixes a couple of quest bug and more imporantly allows you get add new features to the world - your own house, new quests, items etc :)

There should be no bugs in the X-box version as it came out later and I remember a couple of forum posts saying they had been fixed. Also remember when the X-box get internet capability plugisn may come out for the X-box :)

But both versions are as good as each other :)

If your interested in plugin sites:

http://www.euro-morrowind.com (particular good as different sections for different langauges in the forum and site parts)
http://www.elderscrolls.com (official site)

RPG.net also has the best section of plugins for the PC version (can't remember the URL offhand, I'll post it later)


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Well, yesterday, it crashed my xbox 2 times! c'mon, console versions are NOT supoosed to have bugs in them! I am pissed! This is the first time a game has crashed a console of mine! :mad:


Originally posted by o_87
Wel, first of all, I am not going to by the PC version, but the Xbox version.. so no problem in the specs. Sounds like an interesting game tho... I am going to check it out! :)
the pc version is better than the xbox in many ways.........;)


Originally posted by o_87
Well, yesterday, it crashed my xbox 2 times! c'mon, console versions are NOT supoosed to have bugs in them! I am pissed! This is the first time a game has crashed a console of mine! :mad:

lololool its microsoft isnt it???? whadya spect loloololl.....:D :D
hehe exchange the game its probably a faulty one, not even ms could screw a console system, or mabey? loloolol:D


I am playing the game for about 2 weeks now.It took me 2 days to get into it but now man I can see the beauty of the game.Its a puuuure RPG that can make you stay infront of your monitor for hours.The graphics are excellent the gameplay very good and some bugs that it had are now gone with the new patch.Its really worth playing it.


hmm id have to say.....well put it this way i got it 2 days ago and im lvl 10 now so its worth it xbox or pc my roomates playing the xbox version while im playing the pc version its great im tellin ya get this DAMN GAME IT KICKS TOO MUCH ASS!!!!

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