Morrowind Game of the Year Edition


28 Nov 2004
Just recently got this game and for all who are familiar with this game as soon as I enter my character name and the gaurd tells me to follow him upstairs then tells me to get up on deck I open the trap door to the deck and all of the sudden im greeted with wiered sounds, monitor flashing no signal and thats about it. The only way back to windows is a hard reboot.

I also have the orginal game which I played for awhile and had absolutely no problems at all. With the GOTY Edition I installed Morrowind then Tribunal then Bloodmoon, I didn't bother installing the Construction set. Has anyone seen this problem in the past or know how I can get it to work?
I'm not sure but I don't think a patch can fix this I need to un-install and talk to someone that actually plays this and knows what the problem is.
Seriously need a solution here, I bought the Game of the Year edition of Morrowind for the PC and lost my receipt please someone help me!
No patches released yet...try turning off pixel shaders and see if it helps. Maybe there's something wrong with the pipelines of your card. Does it do that in any other games with PS?
Okay, how do I turn off pixel shaders? If pipelines in my card are bad do I need a new vid card? What do you mean by games with PS?
In the options (before the game even loads up) you can set resolution, pixel shaders, etc., and this can also be done in-game before you get out of the boat.

Busted pixel pipelines would mean a bad card...also, check and make sure you have the latest drivers (3.10) at ATI's website.

PS is just short for pixel shader.

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