Morpheus 2.0?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by chadmercer, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. chadmercer

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    Hey, does anyone know what has happened to Morpheus? About two months ago they posted on there web site that they will be releasing Morpheus 2.0, that was two months ago, and still no release. That PE edition is crapy and i hate spy ware so i don't even bother with Kazaa. So if anyone has heard anything or seen something pls drop a line.
    thx :)
  2. andy_rose

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    why not just use kazaa spyware and ads..exellent if u ask
  3. chadmercer

    chadmercer Guest

    I might have to if morpheus 2,0 doesn't come out soon :(
  4. Doesnt Kazaa Lite also have that hidden P2P code in it?
  5. chadmercer

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    i think kazaa lite still has spyware. Kazaa lite is like a stripped down version of kazaa, you still have to follow certain steps to make sure that kazaa lite doesn't automatically install something you don't want it to.
  6. MiseryQ

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    It does'nt really matter... Morpheus as it is now is part of Gnutella...

    Gnutella is'nt a very good p2p network...
    You may find good files but at least 2/3s of the files I go for don't ever come through...
  7. sphere

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    kazaa lite doesn't have spyware. If you use a program called Ad-aware you can remove all spyware on your machine. the full kazaa doesn't load without the spyware software, but kazaa lite does.
  8. chadmercer

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  9. Qumahlin

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    not to mention the gnutella network in general's proven it does not scale well, downloads are not as easy or fast as with the fasttrack network.

    the ONLY respectable gnutella client i'd even consider using is Limewire, they've made many enchancements to the network, but's just not user friendly or as speedy
  10. omgsoup

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    morpheus preview edition

    go to and search for morpheus, and then download "morphues preview edition" it works aight. i use it in conjucntion with audiogalaxy