more on disk detection issue...



Found a M/S information page Q314096. "How to trouble shoot CD-ROM drive problems in Windows XP."

One of the statements made in the document is " if you have three or more IDE devices on your system, including the CD-ROM drive, you may need to modify the Windows Registry to support more than two IDE devices."

Does anyone know how to check or modify the registry to meet this requirement?

Thanks mousetap!

Just one thing though the article states this fix is for Windows NT and it doesn't mention XP. Still ok to do?
i would try it...because mostly replaceing NT...

good luck...

PS: u always could backup ur registry...before trying it...:)
Thanks for your help, mousetap.

I think for now I will leave the registry changes, I haven't worked on it that much. In the mean time if I leave a data disk in the CD writer on boot, or reboot with a data disk in, then everything seems to work fine. The disk label is recognized in "my computer", autoplay works and I can see the contents of the disk when I explore.

I have been trying to prove where the problem is, like many other users. If it is an XP bug, Microsoft certainly isn't addressing it. HP was no help either. They indicated that the WINXP CD drivers provides the basic compatibilty to "read" the disk. I told them that is the point it is NOT providing the basic ability to read the disk. They kept going on about CD burning and 3rd party software, like many other users, we have no problem burning with whatever software, it is the reading of the disk initially and after burning.

Apparently the WINXP Cd drivers are "very modern", whatever that means. Also HP will not confirm to me if my drive is ATAPI 1.2 compliant. Microsoft has indicated if the drive is not compliant, it is not supported.

Oh well, I have learned alot working through this issue. But looking at other boards this is a far reaching problem producing much frustration for many users.

Best Regards....
Maybe not really related to your thread Flash, but I encounter a weird thing for my DVD drive, here it is:
At first boot, my mobo won't see the DVD drive, but XP sees it with no problem (really !) and the best part of it is that I can use it whenever I need it (autoplay, read, install,copy to hdd drive, ... anything !).
I was told in another forum that XP does not really relies on bios settings to detect drives and use them, and I realized to my benefit that it is true, I don't bother anymore when I don't see my DVD amongst other ide drives. What I can't figure out is why I need to reboot to see all four ide drives (which is not a condition for me to be happy when just booting my pc !) ?

Sorry, I realize that my "problem" is the exact contrary to yours, still it is weird enough to mention it to you, I think...
Hey, no problem, Daemon, it is good to share our issues.

It is wierd that your BIOS doesn't detect your drives. Is it set to AUTO detect? just wondering.

It is similar to my issue though, that you have to REBOOT to see your drives.

Hopefully there will be a fix soon.


thanx to be open minded !
I can't really set my mobo to auto detect because it does this all by herself. When I first installed the mobo and went into the bios to detect all ide devices, I discovered to my great surprise that it already displayed everything and the right way! Cool !
What I wanted to say is that my P3V4X does not see my DVD when posting, XP bypasses this and all is fine !

I couldn't tell in your case if it is an XP issue or a mobo issue ?
Ooooops !

Sorry, I didn't notice one (maybe) important thing:

Your mobo is also an Asus ! Am I wrong ? Could your problem (and mine optionaly) be an Asus issue with certain mobo models (or their respective bios) ?
I just wonder if I didn't pinpointed the real issue, or "problem" ?

Do you have the latest bios revision for your motherboard ? What do you think ?

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