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More nv4_disp.dll questions....should I intall the problem card?


Old School XPeriencer
Finally eliminated the nv4_disp.dll problem.

Tried formatting and reinstalling xp home 6 or 7 times but kept getting the same problem.

I decided to bite the bullet and pulled out my GeForce 4 Ti4200. No problems as of yet. Been running with the on-board video for a couple days now.

But I want to play Raven-Shield and Vice City.

So...should I even bother putting the card back in?
(When I put it in the original time, I had no problems for a few months)

Also...if I do...which detonators would you guys recommend?

And I havent installed DirectX 9 yet so if I install the card I guess I would intall det's THEN directX 9 lastly?


Here's comp:
P4 2.53
512 MB PC-2100 DDR
80 Gig Harddrive
XP Home
Geforce4 Ti4200 128 Megs / onboard video
onboard sound
I would install the newest FINAL drivers. Do not install any BETA. Some cards require you to install the drivers before installing the card. Make sure to read the instructions for the drivers. If it still does not work I would look at RMAing the item or if it's out of it's warranty, purchasing another.

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