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More Memory Vs Faster Memory

1gig PC2100 or 512 PC3200?

is more ram better for multi-tasking and faster ram better for gaming and graphic design? or whats the deal?
I just put PC2700 into one of my older rigs from, PC2100. I noticed a big difference (although the rig is using Dual Channel DDR) the load times have halved although the amount of RAM has stayed the same.

512MBx2 PC2700 Dual Channel DDR SD

512MB 256MBx2 PC2100 Dual Channel DDR SD

Motherboard is Nforce2 thats why its dual channel.


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the 'faster' memory generally will not affect the overall performance... more memory is better @ this...

unless benchmarking.. on a similar system you are highly unlikely to notice a MASSIVE improvement with faster memory in the ddr ranks.. v/s more memory... 512 seems to be a nice number for apps for today...
so then, whats the difference with

1 gig PC2100 vs 1 gig PC3200

i dont care about benchmark numbers, although they do help, i care more about seeing it in action, will programs load faster? game times speed up a bit? ect.


depedns faster ram will faster access a particular apps then slower ram, usage of ram will be similar of fast and slow but fast will have faster access.having slower ram on a fast machine will leave cpu gasping for data , which slow memory cant provide , therefore creating bottlenecks. as for some games like warcraft3
i'd rather have 512 pci133 then 256pci2100
having a lot of units and battles will utilise more then 256 mb
512GBx2 PC2700 Dual Channel DDR SD

512GB 256GBx2 PC2100 Dual Channel DDR SD

Holy ****! you had 512 gigs of ram! How much did that cost you? :eek:


Id say faster ram.....
Went from 256meg of 266mhz 2.0 CL to 333 mhz at 2.5 and then 2.0 cl. Never saw a difference. So...

Now running 512 meg (1 is 266 the other is 333. Run them at 2.0 cl and I don't see the disk access delays i used to

Go for more


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i have 768mb of pc133 and the low bandwidth doesn't seem to a big deal. games like bf1942 and wc3 are tons faster on this comp then faster ones with 256mb of ddr.
try to get RAM to match your CPU fsb speed. I have two 2700DDR sticks which run at 333MHz, which is the same as my CPU, if the two are synchronised then the performance will be better. In my case 333MHz RAM will be better for performance than 400MHz memory.
Geffy, i got a p4 2.4ghz 533fsb cpu with pc2700 (333mhz) - does that mean i woulda been better getting pc2100 (266mhz)?

I'm gonna rock the boat and say "get more faster ram" :)


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Originally posted by Geffy
jonifren I would say faster RAM for your system, or maybe a mulitple of 533
the only ram that would be syncronous would be pc1066 rambus or pc2100 ddr.

jonifren, you could try setting your memory to 266mhz and benchmark and see what you get. but most likely the extra 25% bandwidth provided by 333mhz justifies the drawback of running it asyncronous and you are probably slightly better off where you are.
Geffy and Taurus... thanks for your thoughts :)

I only bought the kit on saturday just gone, but it runs fast enough - im happy with it. I havent really looked into the BIOS enough to see if its possible to change speed of RAM... I might give it a go



I would agree with Geffy and Taurus, but then again.......For the things you do on your comp. that kind of RAM you buy

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