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More GeForce4 Problems

Whenever I am playing a game, the entire system freezes, but during normal usage the card is fine and the system does not freeze. Is this an Nvidia problem? Gainward GeForce4 Ti4200, and I am buying a 400 watt power supply, from a 300 but I doubt that will change the problem.
ok heres what happened, I installed ASUS PC PROBE and I got a ntfs.sys error, This has happened twice, as for the gpu, I do not know the temps, but I have not yet had time to try the lower clock speeds. They are running at defaults now.
this is my opinion and only my opinion, repair XP. see if it will repair that ntfs.sys file :(

see what somebody else says first though ;)
I just reformatted, it did not work. I still have to test the card though. I will be upgrading from a 300 watt to a 400 watt. Will this help? Needless to say I will not reinstall ASUS PC Probe

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