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I have 2 monitors setup (well one is a TV). And I finally have it setup with Ubuntu how I want it, my TV on the left is #2 and the mouse can move to the right into my Monitor on the right #1.

But before I had it so I had to move to the left to get to my Monitor, and now when ever I open a dialog window or anything, it opens on the TV instead of the monitor, even if it's related to something on the Monitor screen.

Ideas to fix this?

*Yes I have been asking a lot of questions here the past few days, the Ubuntu kind of forums are crazy, so I would rather try here first :)
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Not Bman

Sorry for the late reply.

Yea I was afraid you would say that. After a couple of days using it, it seems to be 50/50 chance, sometimes it opens on the screen I want and sometimes I don't. I guess it's not that big of a problem.

Thanks. Going to keep looking though. Maybe some other programs out there other then the ATI software that will setup monitors.


2 Feb 2004
one thing to take a look at is to upgrade to a system with an IOMMU (e.g. AMD 890FX chipset) and then manually setup a Xen Virtual machine for windows 7 and map the vga card to that VM. The IOMMU (also present on high end intel hardware) will allow near native 3D graphics with any hardware. So you could play your windows games largely straight up.

It does appear to be a new development though so expect a bumpy ride if you go that route. For google purposes you want to search for Xen VT-d.

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