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Monitor Trouble?



Hello, I was surfing and installing a few tweaks on my xp home edition, and i happened to notice that by Brand New Monitor (well, 2months old) is evenly shrunk on the right side about a quarter of an inch and i did not notice this before today! Now i had this happen on my old 98SE pc and if i remember I was able to adjust the size of the monitor screen in the Display section, but i forget how to do it! I am using xp home edition now! Can anyone tell me how to adjust screen size of the monitor? Thank you Tom


adjust the monitor vertical and horizontal widths as required. no need to mess with the monitor software settings. I recommend do it from the monitor itself.
Usually this happens when you change resolutions or refresh rates.

Most monitors have an adustment where you can set the position and height and width (among other things). These settings are usually adjusted by a set of buttons or maybe a "jog" dial on the front of the monitor. You can activate a menu using these controls. Just find where the width/height settings are (you may also need to adjsut position as well). Every monitor is different, so the exact method varies by monitor.

You can also do these types of adjustments in the Advanced Video properties. Right click desktop, select properties, click settings tab, click Advanced button. Depending on your graphics adapter, there should be a tab that allows changes to these settings.


pc_tek and Scriptasylum, Thank You guys very much, I did as you suggested and managed (after experimenting) in re-adjusting the Monitor screen from the Front of it, and now everything is back to normal! Thank You again for replying, Tom

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