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Monitor time ...


An Isle Geckling
Well my 21" CRT is giving up the ghost ... it's crackling and the image is popping, so I need to replace it
So I'm not sure what to do ... stick with CRT, go to LCD ... input, experience and suggestions would be great please!


LCD, look around for a real bargain, I can't find the website nomore, but my NATCOMP a German screen has worked brilliant for nearly 5 years now. It runs on plug n play windows drivers also.


An Isle Geckling
Do you game with it Lee? That is one of my concerns and I am not sure where LCDs are in that regard ... I know they have made strides, but going from a 21" CRT to a LCD makes me wonder if I am setting myself up for disappointment?


I may actually be insane.
LCD would be my preference. You can game on them fine, and with most modern panels having <16ms response, you certainly won't notice any ghosting or unwelcome effects when viewing high frame rates.


An Isle Geckling
I was hoping that when my 21" finally went LCDs would be at a quality point where they could replace a CRT ... seems like that point has not yet arrived. THG was saying that 12/8 ms LCDs should be out by 2005 1Q ... I doubt I can wait that long ...


An Isle Geckling
Well my CRT did die and now I guess the real fun begins ... there are a few decent LCDs, and I like the eye strain and less power consumption of the LCDs ... I hate feeling torn ...

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