monitor "shakes" and don´t know why!!!



well.....i´m having trouble with my monitos...and didn´t have them, the UPPER-RIGHT corner of my monitor is shaking and trembling, not the rest of it, but it drives me, is there a problem with my monitor configuration???????
Hmmm. You might want to start looking at prices for that new monitor you've had your eyes on. You can try messing around with your resolution settings and what-not to see if it helps, but I think your looking at a dying monitor - I wouldn't swear to that though.
on the desktop, right click, properties, then the settings tab, advanced button, monitor tab change the refresh rate (guessing 85 hertz)... play with the sttings alittle bit, can always not save the settings if it is bad.

I have this problem at times. I ussually flip back and forth from 60 to 85 hertz. Monitor runs good at 60, but after awhile, I will get this very high pitched sound that is annoying, so then I flip it back to 85.
thanks man......pc_tek.......that really worked.......i´ll have that in mind for future problems.....thanks again.....
I've seen this problem on many other computers too that have the speakers too close to the screen.
I've seen this problem on many other computers too that have the speakers too close to the screen.

Also, any higher-level AC signal too-near will cause jitter too. Those mini flourescent lamps are especially bad because of the higher voltage.

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