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Here you go guys. A problem I have never seen before. After I removed a stick of ram in Windows XP Pro, it won't hold the set resolution. No matter what I set, it defaults, after restating, it defaults to
800x600. I have tried different drivers and still no luck. If I install an extra stick of ram, all is fine. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have 1.5 gigs of ram and no onboard graphics. I am using an ATI 9500 Pro card. All runs fine with 1.5 gigs of ram. When I drop it to 1 gig, that's when the resolution problem starts.


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quite odd. what driver are you using for your card? i suggest the latest catalyst.

if that's what you got, i can only think of some kind of registry mess-up. if you're comfortable with reformatting, that'd probably do the trick.


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I ran memtest86 already. That's how I found the bad stick. After taking out the bad one my problem started. Using current catalyst drivers. I don't think it is a registry problem because the problem originated with the removal of a stick of ram, not from installing or uninstalling software. If all else fails, I might have to reformat just to cover all the bases.

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