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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by eminem910, May 25, 2003.

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    well i know i have a ****ty monitor.. but i'm pretty sure it can go at 70hz refresh rate. but xp wont let me. what do i do?
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    What do you mean by it won't let you? If you're talking about 70Hz not being an option in the monitor properties, just untick the box that says "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display". :)
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    All 17” Trinitron monitors can support a refresh rate of 85Hz at 604x480, 800x600 and (some) higher, even the old Del 17” (re-badged Diamondtron and seven years old now) monitors can. 85hz is the (recommended Health and Safety) minimum resolution to avoid eyestrain.

    Throw away any monitor that can’t achieve this.

    Also load the correct monitor profile for the screen you are using (driver).
  4. eminem910

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    bah i just figured it out .. it can support 85hz at 800x600 res. i think.. 75 at 1024x768.. and 60 at 1280x1024.. got it at 70hz now.. at 1152x864 res now