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Monitor Problems


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I have a problem with the monitor (Sampo AlphaScan 712).
Every time is start windows xp pro, the monitor goes black for a second and comes back.
I have a GForce 4 card and use the 41.09 drivers.
anyone ?
what as its booting up? there is a point where it switches from general VGA driver to the specific windows driver where it will give a slow flash. and there also seems a point it doesn't reset video as tsr's are loading then blinks when done as video is reset.........

those little things are normal if its only a small flash on boot and is fine rest of time and works as normal i wouldn't get excited

mine run multihead matrox cards, and I've built ones with radion and gforce cards and they all act the same.
The fact that it goes blank for a little while is allright, it is switching modes, or something of the matter. My monitor does this, it switches from VGA to DVI connection.

and Spikemic! You're back! Haven't seen you around here in a while!


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it happens when it is already in windows and finishing uploading all the startup programs.
is it normal to happen in that way ?
Mine used to do the same thing on windows 98 and maybe even XP when I had my video card overclocked. If you have yours overclocked, it's probably just your clock frequencies being set.


It is normal for XP to do that as the monitor is changing refresh rates to whatever is set up in XP as well as resolution changes. Normally all monitors start up at the lowest possible capable mode.


I have a somewhat similar problem with mine.

It happens from time to time...both when no programs are running, but also during games or a third thing. I've tried lowering the refresh rate and using 16 bit colors as well, but no luck. It's not been going on for very long and it happens in periods....i just can't figure it out....I'm starting to think my monitor is heading downhill ;)

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