Monitor Help NEC MultiSync 97F

hey, i have a Nec Multi Sync 97F and something seems to be something wrong with my monitor. Check out those pictures i uploaded. I put this monitor on an other pc same thing. and i reinstalled video card drivers as well as monitor drivers same thing.

Weird thing is my monitor was fine, and i turned my monitor off while i go eat dinner, and when i return and turn it on was like this. Any help is greatly appericated guys! thnx


Aite i'll shut t off for the night, how ever i did shut it off before for a little, maybe i'll just let it sit off for the night, thnx


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how old is the monitor?

looks like the tube is going on that baby though I thought it was a new model ?
monitor is a little over a year old i believe, dunno but this sucks. i had my pc off as well as my monitor for a good 1-2 hours. dont think thats that problem but we'll see tomorrow morining. if that dont fix what are my options. thnx


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i got the same monitor and i'm having the same exact problem, that's how i got here, did a google and got this link, i can't believe this, the monitor was working perfectly the night before and then the next morning i find that when i move an icon around the desktop it becomes narrow or wider in certain areas of the monitor.


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Have the same problem have talked to service department of Circuit City. We went thru some some basic setting changes then the tech on the phone told me that they will be replacing the monitor. The monitor was going to be 2 years old in september. What I recomend is that you check with the company that you purchased the monitor thru. And see if they still cover the monitor.

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