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6 Jan 2004
I don't really understand this, or if it's even possible to fix but...

I have a Philips 109B5 19" Monitor

It can hit 75hz, 70hz, and 60hz at 1600x1200.
Now I always though the higher the hz, the less flicker there was in the screen.
But instead when I set it to run at 75hz, I get very bad flickering on the right side of my screen, and it's a big blurry. The same goes for 70hz.

The thing is when I set it to 60hz, the ficker is gone. But 60hz is kind of hard on my eyes.

So what I want to know is why would 70 and 75hz refresh rates produce flicker... but 60hz does not. Plus is there any way to fix this ? I tried installing the crap that came with the monitor but it did nothing.

Btw, it seems to do this at all resolutions.
I also have a 9500 Pro with the latest Omega drivers installed.
Are you sure it supports 1600x1280 at higher refresh rates?

Check the manual. I could not find any listings on the Phillips web site for this monitor. The few links I found had no technical information.

For any monitor the higher the resolution the lower the maximum refresh rate goes. The manual will tell you what the limits are.

If you run too high a resolution and refresh rate combination you can damage the monitor. So don't run it above what the manual specifies.

Stay at 1280x1024 at 75 hz until you find out it's capabilites. What little I could find looked safe at those settings.
Well I turned it down to 1400x1050 and it seems to be running fine at 85hz.
I am fine with this res, so I guess everything should be ok from now on.

The monitor says it supports up to 1920x1440 @ 60hz.
I don't understand why it would flicker at 75hz and 70hz, but not at 60 though :-/
There might be a (small) problem with some part of the monitor (like the power supply) that starts acting up when you get close to what the monitor is capable of handling.

My (as of today old) 17" Samsung can suddenly start beeping at a steady very high pitch if you run them at 1024x768 at 85 Hz. 75Hz is ok though.
coathanger007 said:
You don't need 1600x1200 for 19". I use 1280x1024 usually at 85Hz.
Everyone has different needs :)

As others have said, you need to find the official specs for your monitor (Manual or online) and see what it is capable of. Although I would of thought a Philips 19" could do 1600x1200, My 17" can do 1600x1200 @ 75Hz.
I don't think I conveyed my message clearly. Just because your monitor can handle 1600x1200 doesn't mean you have to use it. At that resolution, fonts are very small and there's a gaming performance degaradation.

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