monitor doing odd thing.


Blame me for the RAZR's
ok.. im kinda freaked out.. in the last 10 hours my monitor has done this twice. its makes a pop noise.. then almost looks like it loses position just for like a half a second and rights it self. (pop noise during this)..
its a 21 inch viewsonic G8100 rather old.. but i love it especially since i bought it for 120 bucks hehe.

so i really dont want to hear that its going out.. lol

1. no magnets around it. cell phone has been on the floor both times but normaly my cell is close to the monitor. Um.. i run dual monitos and the 19 inch is fine.. and when it does it im not doing anything with it...

i must stress that the monitor works great no odd color no bad thinsg other than this and its not really an annoance just worries me hehe... i want to save for someother comp stuff not drop 300 on a new 21 inc h. hehe


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Could be...

Bad connection at the back, where the power cord goes into it. The circuit board solder joints are prolly broke. This can happen with monitors that are placed to close to the wall. The power cord gets bent in an odd way, almost at a right angle. This puts too much tension on the solder joints on the board. I have a very old 17" Compudyne (CompUSA store brand) monitor that one of my daughters uses that does this. It pops if it is moved from a position that has the monitor working, then it goes to a small screen size then pops back. This until it is repositioned to a good working position again.

Maybe... :)

If this is the prob yer gonna have to not touch the monitor any more (don't move it around any more). That's if you are really attached to this monitor. Otherwise you may need another one.

I got another for my daughter last week... it was free. A two year old Viewsonic. :D

See if ya can take it in for an inspection, hope they don't charge to much for the look see. Maybe it's worth fixin, if it's simple.


Blame me for the RAZR's
it really doesnt do it often enough to take it in anywhere. But if it keeps it up i will probaly pull everything out and take a good look at connections. I think any way i wont be moving it around too much anymore. hehe i really like it and to replace it with a new 21 inch will cost me 300 bucks on a very good deal id imagine. so.. hehe .

thanks for your input gonnads. i do apreciate it..

odd. i just notcied i misspelled Houston in my profile.. i should change that lol


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Hah... yeah better fix that. :D

But just don't move it anymore. If ya get it in a position that is comfortable to view, leave it alone. But pull it away from the wall a tiny bit... carefully. :)

Hope this helped.

And I hope it last ya a few more years. The one I have is my first 17", it's way old. Now I don't know what ta do with it. Throw it out or something. :)


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almost sounds like it is degausing itself init?

if its old.. it might be one of those things... my last crappy monitor went with a gradual increase in number of on/off's and degauses w/o reason... frequency increased till it just up and died...

check the cables and what not.. but keep in mind its probably old age...

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I had the very same thing, degauss w/o reason 4-5 times an hour (Sony 420GST 19" on an ATI Radeon 9800Pro)... but for other issues, I had to reinstall my whole system, ... and my monitor seems fine again...
Might be 'a good word to the wise' ;)

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