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Monitor Color question


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So I have been trying to figure out for a while why my monitor is... different in color compared to my 1080p HD monitor. I do Dual Screen and the thing is the HD one shows colors a little more vibrant than the one on the main monitor screen.
The Main Monitor: iiyama Prolite E43AS (I can't get the link, here is a similar version with specs in pdf from iiyama: E431S manual)
The 1080p monitor: Asus VH222H

Is it because of the contrast ratio or is there a place I could goto that has a guide to fix the color so it looks at least relatively close?
No monitor can accurately reproduce true color. CRTs are better and more accurate than LCD (refered to as having a larger color space). As monitors age their colors degrade also. LCDs (all flat screens) need to be adjusted to produce the most accuarte color rendition, BUT manufacturers have figured out they can make monitors look better in show rooms by intentionally distorting the color setup.

First thing you need to do when you get a monitor is to calibrate it. This is best done with special equipment to read the screen and a device that can program the internal settings. They usually change $100 or more for this service.

You can adjust the monitors by eye using the contrast, brightness, gamma and the RGB settings using free setup software. DVDs made with certain extensions, I forget which one it is, include calibartion software in the settings menu. I beleive most Disney movies have it. Try this site. I have not used it though.
AVS HD 709 - Blu-ray, HD DVD, & MP4 Calibration - AVS Forum

It is possible you will not be able to match the two monitors. If that is the case degrading the better of the monitors is an approach you could try but kinda counter productive.

If things get ugly just hit restoe factory defaults to start over.
take a look at my lcd calibration post for a link to "eye-ball" calibrate. It won't be as accurate as the measuring hardware but it will save you a few beer tokens.


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thanks LA. I think it isn't gonna work after I did the eye-ball calibration and qualifies as a bad monitor. To get it right, the entire screen seems too dim, and while colors looks about right, white looks too dark. I guess maybe my monitor is goin bad then.
Alright, thanks!


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I am looking to calibrate my new HP LP2475w monitor.

Where do I get software to do this? The link refers to some software that comes with camera stuff, which I do not have. Suggestions?
if you have windows 7 you can use it to calibrate gamma and colour balance a little, but ignore its brightness/contrast screens the images they provide aren't very helpful.

you don't need any camera software really. Only for measuring the actual contrast ratio which you don't need to do.

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