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Monitor Blackout

My 17" LG Flatron monitor screen keeps on turning black very frequently which is of course very annoying. It's rather like the blank screensaver but happens even if I'm active. Does anyone know the possible cause and/or solution?


Wonders if in control panel you have turn off monitor after a small period of time. Under power options. Turn off monitor after 1 minute, 2, 3, 4 etc.

Or it could just be a faulty screensaver.
Thanks to both of you. But Lee, no it's not the power options or a screensaver because it happens when I'm active (typing, moving mouse...). However, I'll try your suggestions, dreamliner77.
yeah check for loose pins and loose wires becaus that causes some flickering and bad monitor problems (trust me i know) haha and also make sure you have the right video driver cause that could cause some problems so just find the one that works best even tho it might not be the latest and another thing to try is look under the hertz setting for the monitor and make sure ur monitor can handle it --- b/c if ur like doing 85 hertz on 1600 x 1200 thats way too high if u know what i mean? so just let us know what happens


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I had the same problem with my 17"BenQ LCD Monitor.
I changed the timer display settings and have not had a black screen since. Heres my settings they might work for you.


Thanks for the advice. But for some reason I haven't had the problem all day till now. Let's see what happens; if it returns, I'll try what you said.
Good day!
Actually, no, I don't OC my system. Just tweak the hell out of it by trying every registry hack and system tweaking program available.

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