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14 Feb 2004
Ok my friend has a dell computer, and all of a sudden his moniter will go blurry like and if you turn it off, and back on its fine, untill like 20 mins later, it happens mostly when playing a game, but it will do it if he is just searching the internet, we did the test with the moniter and it all came back fine, could it be a power problem? or is the moniter just going bad? He is going to attempt to call Dell and maybe get a replacment but his moniter is like 2 years old so I don't if they will replace it,
Is it getting hot? as in beyond normal use hot?
What sort of monitor is it? Size, TFT/CRT, Res Used, etc..?
Are there any other electrical devices close by? (speakers, computer, TV, etc)
Is there a degauss button, and does that temporarily fix it?
well it just randomly happened for him, its a dell tritron, 21 inch, at 1240x1024 res, and his speakers are the only thing near it, It doesn't have a degauss button.

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