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When i start medal of honor everything goes fine until i try to play a mission. A network connection box comes up:

"You (or a program) have requested information from master.gamespy.com. Which connection do you want to use?"

This causes the game to temperarly crash !

I do ctrl+alt+delete and close network connections then the mission starts to load, BUT it is in a window( not full screen).

What can I do?

How can i stop the network connections box from appearing ?

Any ideas ?

Adawa Kisai

Try physically unplugging your connection. This seems to help on my cable connection. Is your anti-virus disabled? That helped too.
If what Adawa recommended doesn't work, then you're
in the same boat as the rest of us.

I have a dial-up connection and if I'm not connected, I get
the same Network Connections box, only mine is empty.

I've taken to starting MOHA while connected and letting
my connection time out when it feels like it.

The only other thing I can do is:

Start MOH and wait for the N.C. box.
CTRL-ALT-DEL to get task manager
Kill the NC app
Return to MOH to let it finish loading (mouse cursor fails)
CTRL-ALT-DEL to get task manager again (this resets the cursor)
Close task manager and return to MOH.

Pain in the butt, but that's my processes for playing if I'm
not dialed in.

Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
There is no need to disconnect anything or connect to the net at all, try a combination of the following:

alt-tab, esc and alt-tab, esc.

Works for me, shame it was in the game at all, along with that horrible random menu system!


Village Idiot
The Console

Not directly an XP problem but how do you enter the console to edit it?

I love this game, but those damn Germans keep killing me!!:)


Village Idiot
Let me rephrase that

Soory Electronic Punk, I didn't make my self clear, back to school for me.

I was asking how does one edit the console in MOHAA, and was stating that this was not directly a game and XP problem, but seeing the knowledgable chaps on this site are most helpful I thought I would ask this question here as I can't find the info anywhere on the net.

Sorry again

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
Are you suggesting you want to **** Cheat !!! *****

Gasp !!

Sounds reasonable to me so,

Right click on your shortcut and choose properties

After "G:\moh\MOHAA.exe" or whatever the path is for yours, put "+set ui_console 1 +set cheats 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1"

To bring up the console from within the game press ` (top left of keyboard)

Two cheats for you..........

dog godmode
wuss all weapons

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
Some more for you............

dog --- God Mode
fullheal --- Full Health
wuss --- All Weapons and Ammo
noclip --- No Clipping
notarget --- Show Game Version
listinventory --- List Inventory
tele x y z --- Teleport to Location x y z
coord --- Shows Location
health --- Set Current Health
kill --- Kills Player
giveweapon weapons/(weapon_name).tik --- Gives Player (weapon_name)

Weapon Names

Colt 45 - colt45
Frag Grenade - m2frag_grenade
Walther P38 - p38
Steilhandgranate - steilhandgranate
M1 Garand - m1_garand
Mauser KAR 98K - kar98
Shotgun - shotgun
Bazooka - bazooka
Panzerschreck - panzerschreck
BAR - bar
StG 44 - mp44
Thompson - thompsonsmg
MP40 - mp40
Springfield '03 Sniper - springfield
KAR98 Sniper - kar98sniper
Same Network Connection Prob

I had same prob as described by banter and used the info by Yankee Tech and it did the trick.Bought the full game today and it is a great.
Cheers to Yankee Tech.

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