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Adawa Kisai

I'm running dual Athlon MP1800+ on a Tyan 2460 mobo, Asus Geforce3 Ti-500, 768 megs, and man does my system love to flash blue screens at me when I'm playing Mohaa. Stop errors, you name one I've had it. Anyone have a similar set up? Does the new Nvidia 23.12 driver help? Any help here would be hot.

Oh,F.Y.I, The talk about AMD XP and MP being essentially the same seems to be incorrect. I tried running XP's in dual and well... just don't do it. Trust me.


Definately get/Use the latest leaked Drivers from here, they have the 27.42's

which are stable

Have you gone to winUpdate also and grabbed all the latest patches etc ?

Adawa Kisai

Everthing but the new Nvidia driver. The old 23.11 would just lock up the system on boot up.


i have nvidia's 23.11' i installed microsofts 23.12's and MOHAA crashed big style... Major crash reinstall the works.

The 23.11's work fine, i'm going to try the new 27.42's though, but only if they are stable, i'll give them a few days and see the posts on here first.

My advice is stay away from Microsofts driver updates for nvidia stuff, they are not as good as the detonator drivers.


Adawa Kisai

Thanks Nick,
I tried the 23.12 and the 27.42 last night(here in the great white north). The 27.42 gave me a blue "memory parity error" screen. The 23.12 worked ok until I rebooted, and then I got the same error. Even tried shaking my fist at the machine, that didn't help either??? Had to go back to the 21.81a on the Asus disc. Works ok but still has the "infinite loop" bug. Thinking about trying the 27.51 unless anybody out there knows better???

Electronic Punk

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Shaking your fist is always a last resort option as it normally does bugger all, but it feels so good.

The 27.42 drivers seems to work nicely for me using a Geforce2 MX, the newer beta/leaked drivers can effect stability on different chipsets models, normally when it is benaficial for all the different cards then they will be released.

Also try updating your motherboard drivers whether they are Sis or Via, it might help, also make sure you have visited windowsupdate and gathered all the updates that you can!


Leaked Drivers

I too have been having loads of blue screens, I am using XP Pro, Athlon Xp2000 2x512 of Ram and of course an ASUS GeForce 3 Ti500 which I was using the latest ASUS 21.81a driver.

Last night I downloaded the NVIDIA driver for it which has resolved my blue screen crashes(23.11)

However, unlike the ASUS drivers I have No options for setting the GFX card.... like refresh rates etc...

Where can I find leaked drivers and what do you suggest???



Adawa Kisai

Thanks for the help. Ran a windows update and switched to the Asus 21.83 driver. Seems to be fairly stable so far. ( I apologized for the fist shaking incident as well, so I think we're on good terms again.)



the 21.85 drivers seem to be the best for the geforce ti line of cards. and it seems the new 27xx drivers might be good for the
geforce mx line of cards. could be a coincedence but it seems to be leaning that way,hehe.

Adawa Kisai

Thanks eGOALTER, I'll try that next.

Could someone tell me just what the hell is going on @ M$. Everything was pretty stable with the 21.83 driver, I got an update for the Media player, and everything went squirrely??? Reboots right after the desktop pops up. Coincidence or global conspiracy perpetuated by the covert "Underpants Gnome" division of M$? Anybody know what's up w/that? Seems any time I update ANYTHING, from them,everything gets f.u.b.a.r.


lol i hear ya.

im always cringing when i do ms updates, as for windows media
player i dont use it any way so i didnt update it.lol

btw. when you do get stable again i sure would love to see
what kinda numbers you can pull in 3dmark 2001, with those
dual athlon mps, lol u might bring 3dmark to its knees, hehe.
itll be cryin nomo, lol.:D
Bios | Chipset issue | ?

Have you got the latest bios for you mobo ?
If not you should update it.

Could be a issue with bios settings it self like ,AGP aparture size Fast writes on or off, etc..

Refer to bios manual or help guide for more information.

Also install the latest chipset drivers for your motherboard chipset!

If you have a VIA Chipset click --->VIA 4in1
to download the latest 4In1 drivers


Adawa Kisai

Yeah, Tyan just released a new bios (v.1.04) so I'll be looking at that pretty quick. Although flashing it is something I'm a little leary of doing. Don't recall the chipset offhand, but I'll definately look into that. Thanks. Appreciate the help.

The 3d Mark 2001se I got before things went south was ~7168 (not positive about that, but pretty close). Nothing is oc'd, all just running normal. Not bad. It varies right around 7000 the few times I've run it. When it works that is.



i guess that dual cpu set up doesnt, apply to gaming cause, i get
nearly 7200 in 3dmark 2001 se.

i have athlon xp 1600+
768 meg ram
visiontek xtasy geforce 3 ti 500

were about even in 3dmark.

but i bet if your in like photoshop,or rendering some intensive graphics, ect... youll see the difference.

next time you run 3dmark make sure the v sync is off in direct 3d,
and open gl, in your nvidia control panel.if its on your framerates in games will only equal your refreshrate on your moniter...

it has to boost ur performance,but im not sure.

also hehe does that generate some serious heat?
what temp are those cpus and your mobo running at, lol ur doubling the heat rate with 2 chips, and one is hot enough.
this could be an issue with the lockups too, but im sure you thought of that, before you went to the trouble to make such a sweet machine.:D peace.

Adawa Kisai

The MBM tells me 48 and 50 celsius, altough I don't know which one is which. And don't really care. The cpu fans are 70mm Cooler masters and they seem to do the trick. Tight to stick on the Tyan though. I've got all "8 million" case fans turned up to high, so it stays pretty reasonable.
Didn't mess w/the v-sync. Have to try it if the albatross ever starts behaving itself. If not I'll have to hook up the ole' 133 and become a hard core solitaire freak.lol. Drop me a line if you happen across any other usefull tibits.
Thanks eh.



those temps are fine for tha cpu, but one of em is the mobo, and that is way to high, for the mobo. anytime you get near or at 110f
which i think is like 45 to 48c, ur mobo is gonna fry eventually.you want that mobo temp to be running like 35c up to 40c max. be careful.
i would try to get that mobo temp down. if its been running that hot for 3 weeks u might have damaged it. i hope not. my cpu runs at 42c, and thats 107f. im assuming the 48c is the mobo temp as it usally lower than the cpu.but do the math. if its running 48c, and 42c is 107f. then its way over 110f. and theres no telling how hot it gets under a heavy load, as my cpu ect, will go up to like
48 to 50c, when im gaming or doing intensive work on the cpu.
but my mobo never goes over 37c. rightnow its at 33c.
i think ur cpu is ok but you need to check it right after a heavyload.48c to 58c is what amd says is the recomended temp for athlon cpus.:eek:

Adawa Kisai

Uh, those are both cpu temps. I have no clue what the mobo temp is. I think I neglected to even configure the mobo sensor, or maybe I configured a cpu to it. I don't recall... It's been a while since I looked at it, what with all the problems I've been having. I'll have to check that out now dammit. lol.



u sure there both cpu? doesnt dual processor mobos read tha cpus as one? when it moniters them? i could be wrong though.
check your voltage sensors too, if those cpus are reading different core voltages, even by a little bit, then the power supply is having trouble maintaining a steady current, that doesnt mean its not good enough. alot of power supplies have trouble maintaining steady voltage, especially if your mobo disables the idle loop on ur cpus, when it goes into a power down mode.
its an athlon issue. some mobos, will disable the idle loop, for example if it sits idle for a period of time. but you can disable it in bios config.

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