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MOH: Breakthrough Demo


Free to Fly
Downloaded this and gave it a spin.

On the face of things it looks like a re-textured Allied Assault. The main menu is EXACTLY the same just with different colours. Theres some new skins and whatnot so I sorted that out and joined the first server i found that wasnt full.

The Palermo map is nothing but awesome, very definately one for snipers, lots of rooftops and ruins alongside the corridors of buildings and alleys. The server i was on was getting hammered but it was a good run about.

The only new weapon i noticed was landmines, and with them a metal detector like tool which tells you when your getting close to one. Sniper rifle, shotgun, sub machine gun, machine gun etc. are all there as well.

I was a little skeptical when i heard about this expansion pack considering the actual sequel to Allied Assault isnt too far off but from this demo it all seems well.

I'm off to try out the new liberation mode, which is where those killed are held captive and the rest of the team have to not only fight off the opposition but try to break out those on their own side. Sounds good, i'm hoping it will play good.

Yay, MOH is back :D


Just played Liberation for a bit. Nice idea although its one where the more players the better as 2-3 minute games can get annoying. I think i'll look out for this one in a couple of weeks :)


Sorry, digging up old threads...:eek:
Jut got hold of this and.... oh dear....:(

Is this really going to get released? This is a franchise that needs to move on. Hell, this is a DX7 game:eek:
I agree with Enyo. They havent made any major graphical enhancements but the game has not lost that relentless playability that allied assault managed to create.

I for one will be getting this as I love the games :)


I know what you mean. There are a couple of old timers I am still adicted to as well!!:D

I guess I poked fun at this as I never thought much of the original: The quake 3 engine just gives me a headache:(

No offence meant to the fans though!:)

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