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moding a p4 1.8a


max man 3d

I am looking for a post or an overclockering review where a guy show's how to mod a p4 1.8a.To make it better for overclocking and I am sure that I see some thing on the home page off this site.But I can not find it now and not find the link to the review.So I am hopeing that some one here as seen this to and can put the link up for me go to it..All so I think that he was useing a epox 4sda+ mother board but can not remember..


how can you mod a cpu? lol its an intel you cant unlock it ... unless you take out the heat spreaders and then proceed to unlocking it by i dont know maneuver which i STRONLY suggest you dont lol

max man 3d

I dont want to do it to my cpu,And yes you can mod a cpu so to speak.When I say moding the chip it not drill holes it or any thing like that but buy adding a copper wire around some of the legs on the chip it gives you better overclocking all round.If I can find what I am looking for then I will post it here..And this guy as done it and is runing a 1.8a overclocked to 3g or more and works great..

All so you can over clock intel chips>Northwood most of all.because off the 0.13 micron core the Pentium IV northwood is capable of startling speeds with speeds as high as 3.6GHz reported there is seemingly no limit to the speed attainable.

ok I just found it have look at the images.And here is the link to it part 1 & part 2.




Now you no it's true if you have read the review...Let me no what you think..

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