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Modem(s) giving me the blues!


High On Life!
i've been using my laptop for the net, and i got fed up cuz the hard drive is dying, so two months ago i went and got an internal creative modem, thinking since its creative i would get no problems, well it gives me the blue screen stop error, i returned it yesterday (even though they have a 7 day return policy at extra, Very nice people btw) and got a replacement, same thing!, then i was like ok maybe my motherboard has a compatability problem with this modem, so i went back and got a cheap band using the conexant (pardon my spelling if its wrong) and the same thing, i checked for a bios update right know theres one i think but doesnt contain anything about that just about the cpu auto disconnect feature. i've tried using different pci slots, tried moving my audigy 2 platinum to another slot, but can't figure out what it is. :dead:
auto disconnects? sounds a virus to me.
but then again we live in Saudi cant trust the IPSs especially with the new easynet thing. it may be free but its slowwwww!!! and i get frequent disconnects.

you think ur situation is bad!! my dad took my PC for his office promising that hed get me a new one in a few weeks! that was 2 months ago!!

guesss what Im on now?

a P1 100mhz with 32mb ram and an almost dead 1.9GB HD. now thats torture!!!!!

just get a DSL line, i know they r horibly expensive here i mean like 150 riyals for 1month with 64k bandwidth! in the U.S 1mbs or so is only $22 a month. thats why monopolies suck!!!


High On Life!
no, it gives me the stop blue screen, when trying to install the drivers for the first time, im leaving so im not ganna get dsl now

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