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Modem/Router On/Off


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Now that my Telephone Exchange has been upgraded, and I can at last get ADSL, I have been setting up my Modem/Router. I have it plugged into the same mains socket as my computers.

This means that when I turn my computers on, the Modem/Router is turned on as well, and is connected to the Internet by the time the computers boot up. This is fine and working beautifully. All I am wondering, is if turning the Modem/Router on and off, is in any way harmful to it. I could of course leave it turned on, and connected to the Internet, all the time if I wished, even when the computers are off.
I have had my DSL modem, router, hub on for the last 5 years. It comes in handy since my ISP has a dynamic IP assignment. My IP hasn't changes in 2 years now. :)

Cycling power is actually more stressful on the equipment because of thermal cycling when it heats up.

The only real problems I've seen with cycling power are:
1). If there are multiple computers then you have to make sure the modem/router gets turned on before the others.

2). This one is a pain. If you have a really fast computer it can boot and look for the lan/internet connection before the modem/router have finished power on self test and negotiated a connection. If this happens you have to go do:

start - run - ipconfig /renew

to get a connection.

So I leave mine up.
Uh, duh.

WELCOME TO BROADBAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS To find out what else ipconfig will do type ipconfig /? to get the help screen. You'll probably have to do that from a DOS window though to see it.

PPS Don't forget to change the password on your router to a real one from the default. If you forget the password you can usually reset the router to defaults (including password) with a switch on the case. Make sure you have an anti virus program (mcafee, norton, pccillin, etc) installed and if you keep the router DMZ open, a software firewall (zonealarm, blackice, etc).

If you want antivirus/firewall recommendations just ask. You will get flooded with answers. Or you can search NTFS for any of the dozens of existing threads.

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