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My friend is having a problem and he is too lazy to register here and ask. During a thunderstorm, my friend turned off his computer during this storm. The day after he turned his computer on and tryed to connect to the internet but that failed. He went to and got the latest drivers for his modem. That didn't work. He put the OS disk back in the computer and installed the drivers that were on that. That failed. He is running on Windows 2000 Pro.

Does anybody have an solutions for my friend's problem? Maybe he should buy a new modem because his current one is toast? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Modems toast

You friend may have unplugged the power but I'll bet a modem to a pic of kittens he didn't unplug the modem from the phone line.


My friend found out. It got shocked so he is purchasing a new one. btw it was a 56k.

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Ex Police Chief
One small bit of advice, just make sure he uninstalls the old modem drivers before putting the new on in, you can end up with all sorts of probs otherwise. :)

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