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modem prob


Hail to the King, Baby!
Im still living in the days of 56k, and im having sort of a problem with my modem. I can get online and it works great, the only problem is when i shut off my computer. While my computer is off, it turns on whenever i receive a phone call. I think it might just be some hidden windows option, but im unsure. I have an ess es56h-pi modem.
Check your BIOS for "Wake on Ring" or "Wake on Modem" and disable it. That should hopefully stop the computer from turning itself on. :)
I wrote a lenghty rant on this a few weeks back as part of the response on a lightning fried computer.

The bottom line is NO ATX computer is shutoff unless you have it connected to a power strip and shut off the switch on the power strip!

The front panel switch is just a momentary button that tweaks the power supply to go from very low power mode to full on. You can also turn ATX computers on from the keyboard, by using a jumper from the LAN card to the MB or with a modem access.

This means your computer is running during every thunder storm that goes by, all day, all night, you just don't realise it.

GET A POWER STRIP (with built in power surge protector and built in modem surge protector and switch) AND USE IT! I haven't seen anything for lightning hits coming in over the DSL or Cable lines yet so I'm still a little worried about my system. Note, the phone lines have worse lightning hits than the power lines.

The computer (or data) you save may be your own.

Just think about it if the RIAA spybots see you access Kazaa during the day they can come back and turn your comp on at 4 AM when you won't notice the HD activity and scan your entire hard disk for content. :eek:

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