Modem initialisation delay problem



First of all, sorry if this question seems to go on a bit!

My PC is an Athlon 850Mhx Thunderbird, with 256Mb RAM, 90Gb HD, NVidia GeForce 2MX, Creative Labs Soundblaster Live Platinum, Internal Diamond SupraSST 56i Pro DF Modem and I'm running Windows XP from a clean installation.

Initially, when I set it up, I had trouble with the modem - no dial tone, even though it still worked fine under Windows ME (I have 2 hard disks so was able to swap between ME and XP). To get it working, I had to install the Windows 2000 drivers, as recommended by Diamond's web site. All then was fine until one day....

This may be just coincidence but, I installed Yahoo Messenger version 5 but found that it kept disconnecting me, so uninstalled it and reinstalled version 4 which worked OK. However, after this, when I booted up my PC, I could not use the modem for about 2 minutes. If I tried, the system would just hang for a while, as if it was having a problem initialising the modem, but then eventually start working. If I didn't use the modem straight away, when I did come to use it, it worked at once. I used System Restore to revert my PC back to a time prior to installing Messenger version 5, but this made no difference.

I put up with this until a few of weeks ago when I noticed that there was a proper Windows XP driver for my modem, which I duly loaded onto my PC. At the same time I updated my NVidia Detonator Driver. I rebooted, and all the problems I'd been experiencing disappeared.

My PC worked fine after this for about 2 weeks - I could boot it up and go straight onto the internet. However, for over a week now the problem has raised it's ugly head again. I know for a fact that no changes have been made to the PC since I updated the drivers, so could it have been luck that the problem disappeared temporarily?

I'm fairly certain that the problem lies somewhere in software as the modem works perfectly, once the system has found it. If, after it's been working OK, I turn off the PC and then start it up again, I have to wait a couple of minutes before I can use the modem, so I think I can safely rule out any hardware problem that only occurs when the card is cold.

Whilst I can live with this (just!), it is a bit of a pain. Can help me?

Thanks for your help.

I ran Bootvis and lo and behold everything is now working fine - I can now use the modem as soon as the PC has booted up.

Quite why it was taking so long in the first place is a mystery to me, but at least I now know what to do if the problem arises again.

Thanks once again.
I've installed the latest Security Patches on my PC and the problem has re-ocurred. 'No Problem', I thought, so I re-ran Bootvis and optimised my system - no good!. I deinstalled my modem and re-installed it, still no good. :(

Any other ideas?
I've fixed the problem!!!!!!

In case anyone else is having the problem this is what happened.

I mentioned that I'd installed some security patches and driver updates from Microsoft's Windows Update site. One of these updates was for my NVidia Graphics card.

I read in a magazine the other day, that people were having lots of problems with the Microsoft NVidia driver, so I decided to download and install NVidia's own driver.

By doing this, my modem problem has now disappeared.

Just as a matter of interest, does anyone have any idea why the Graphics driver can affect the modem?????

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