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modem drops connection everytime HELP!!



PLEASE can someone help me i am on 56k modem everything is fine untill i connect to a multyplayer game and my connection will drop everytime!! its getting really annoying now coz my connection is fine with everything else i.e web browsing,downloading ect....

just everytime i send information my modem clicks and my connection is gone no warning at all.

Please help as all i use the internet for is online gaming! i can't even use teamspeak coz the same happens.


p.s Don't say get broadband its not in my area im to far out from the exchange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


first and foremost... are you running the latest drivers for your modem??

are there programs (other than the game, running in the background) ie firewall, AIM, ICQ, MSN etc...

Did you install anything prior to this happening, like hardware or software??

need to supply more info.


yes i am useing the lastest drivers

and no there is nothing running in the backround that i know off i have to close everything down msn firewall norton ect to get the most out of 56k

cheers for the reply



Real Name No Gimmicks
which modem is it? have you tried entering init strings? (damn, it has been a long time since I saw a 56k modem problem here :) )


the modem is intel(R) 536ep v.92
no i haven't tried entering init strings coz i donn't know what they are or do?

i have just changed the drivers but with no luck still have the same problems.



Real Name No Gimmicks

What's a modem initialization string?
Before your modem software dials a phone number, it initializes (inits) the modem by sending it a series (string) of commands, typically Hayes commands. These commands configure the modem's options for things like error correction, data compression, flow control, and many other parameters. The modem manual should list the Hayes commands the modem recognizes, and what effect each command has.

The important thing about modem init strings is that having the right one often makes the difference between connecting and not. Init strings are fairly specific to each modem. The string that made your friend's modem fly may not work at all for your modem.

Not all programs use simple init strings. Some use settings files, such as Windows 95 .inf files, Mac CCL modem scripts, etc.
What should I do if my modem does not connect or frequently drops the line?

Please try updating your modem driver. Also, you may need to upgrade your firmware for V.90 or V.92 speeds through your modem manufacturer.
Init strings for your modem found on http://www.intel.com/design/modems/support/faq.htm#11
Controller-based: AT &F E0 V1 W2 &D2 &C1 S0=0-C1

Alternate Controller-based: AT&F &C1 &D2 H0 %C0 W2

PCI-Based: AT&F E0 Q0 X4 S0=0 &D2 &C1 &S0 V1 W2
try to disable V.90 and enable V.34
To disable V.90 and enable V.34 try the following commands in your init string.
More inits here: http://www.west.net/~jay/modem/

To enter an init string go to:

control panel -> phone and modem options -> tabpage modems -> click on your modem and click on 'properties' -> go to tabpage Advanced and enter init there.

You can query your modem on page Diagnostics to see if it responds correctly.

Hope this helps.




cheers for your reply tryed all that with no luck i think my modem is nackerd but i cant see why im only having this problem when sending info but nevermind cheers for all your help!



now with all that done I am suspecting the game itself might be the problem. Since you can surf, email and what not... problem only seems to rear its ugly head when firing up the game... what game is it??
Could be the game, could be the gaming site (MS Zone is quirky as hell, so are Sierra servers).

But sadly, it is most likely the guy hosting the game kicking you for low ping. There are a lot of ping biggots out there. Mainly all of those with broadband...


it is not just one game its every game i have and all so voice programs like teamspeak or rogerwilco i am really lost with this problem now ill get a new modem tonight and see what happens

Ok, voice chat rules out people booting you for low ping.

If the new modem doesn't help and you are using a small local ISP try a call to their support to make sure there isn't a problem in how they handle packets. One of the local ISP's around here did not support gaming because of the way they handled data packets.

If it's not too ugly try signing up for one of the free ISPs, or a 30 day free trial on a pay one ;-) and see if you can stay connected.

Check with your local phone company too. Sometimes in rural areas or crowded areas they play games with multiplexing multiple customers off of one line.

Same comment if you are in an apartment complex. Sometimes the apartments are actually set up as mini phone exchanges. They skim some extra profit off the service.

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