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Mobo upgrade (P3 --> Athalon XP)



If I change motherboards (and processors) from a Pentium to an Athalon, will there be any problems with my Installation of Windows XP? I don't want to reinstall. I have been told there could be some HAL (hardware abstraction layer) issues with such a drastic hardware change (pentium-athalon) and I would have to reinstall XP, not to mention my programs and such. Is there any way I can change my mobo without reinstalling any software or OS? By the way, I will be switching out my P3 550mhz mobo (i don't know mobo) to an Albatron KX400-8X motherboard combined w/ an Athalon XP 2000+ CPU. Also, I checked under device manager and it says my current HAL is ACPI (currently running P3 550). Thanks.
well with the chips windows wouldent care but changing a mobo and not reinstalling, that is just asking for problems, you can try it but i would sugest to back everything up if u do. most people will say that you should rerformat or at least reinstall windows with a new mobo. it is the best way to do it. but yea there will probbaly be problems and there is not really anyother way except reinstalling windows. it will work but there will be problems without reinstalling


I know reinstalling/formatting is the best choice, but it's also the one that I don't wish to make. Is there any way to avoid reinstalling? Sysprep.exe? Damn - all I want to do is be ready for GTA Vice City on my PC. Thanks.


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Windows XP probably won't like it and will give you a BSOD on boot. I don't see really what the big deal is with reinstalling; I've done it about a dozen times already. What I would suggest for you, to make it as painless as possible for now and the future, is have all your important data on a separate partition / hard drive, so all you'd have to do is reinstall your programs.

But, if you don't want to do that, you can probably use your XP CD and use the recovery console. Never have used it, but maybe it will help.


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