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MoBo/RAM Question

Is it going to hurt anything if I put a stick of DDR PC400 RAM into my MoBo, that is only rated for PC2100. I know it wont peform at 400mhz, but I wanna know if it's going to screw something up?

BTW the other stick in there is DDR PC266



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might not get recognised - RAM sticks usually need to match up.

probably won't fry anything, but I do not think there's much point in it if it isn;t going to work anyway.

Of course if anyone knows better than me I am sure they will post (wouldn't be the first time!)


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if its a decent stick it should be recognised all ok, make sure to put it in Dimm slot 1 as being newer and faster memory may cause problems if its in Dimm slot 2.


How about changing the ram frequency in bios so that both match the lower frequency and see if that works.
just go swap/sell the stick of ram for a stick of the correct frequency. I wouldnt want to risk saying to you anything... however i do know that my old pc mb was only rated for pc266 and i used pc333 for a couple of weeks... but i wouldnt recomend it
Will it make a difference if the bored is rated for 2.5v, and the new RAM is 2.6v. Doubt it, but I wanna be sure before I put this thing in there.


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It should still work, even with a voltage difference of .1v. .1v is not enough to cause it not too work. Average threshold variance is .3v I belive. Worse case it won't work or refuse to see the RAM board. Won't hurt anything either way.
Well it seems to be working fine. Windows rocognizes it as a gig of RAM, and my bios saw them both as DDR PC266's right from the first boot. Didn't change a thing. Thanks Everyone.


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