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28 Dec 2001
I was thinking of getting an ASUS P4P800 mobo and noted that it supports memory PC2100 / 2700 and 3200.

Which is fine but I have some queries:

1. PC3200 is mostly only available in CL3 for 1 GB clips. Given PC3200 is supposed to be faster does the lesser CL make any difference?

2. Scan computers are offering a make of DDR called Corsair. It has rating of PC3700 (466MHz) & PC4000 (500 MHz). Firstly is this make (Corsair) any good as the ordinary modules are of a competitive price and secondly are PC3700 and PC4000 compatible with above board??

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Corsair is top line memory.

Running 3200 @ CL 3.0 may not be any faster than 2700 @ CL2.5 BUT if the CPU is running 400/800 MB then it's faster due to synchronous operation.

The rule to follow is get the fastest memory that will run synchronously with your MB FSB (same speed or an even multiple of speed). Then get the lowest CL you can afford.
Ah so with the 800 Mhz FSB I'm gettin on the new CPU it'll be better?

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