Mobo for P4 HT.

What's a good motherboard for a P4 HT processor?

Needed features.

SATA (Raid possibly), Onboard sound would be nice, Onboard lan or dual lan.

That's about it.

I'm usually use to AMD boards but Intel boards I'm not sure what's good or not. Reason being, I'm thinking about building a P4 system for the first time in years. :)
p4p800 - stable and has lots of features (including overclock)

non deluxe has SATA raid but no firewire or ide raid

deluxe has all of it =)


if you want a bit more faster motherboard- go for the p4C800-- it uses the 875 chipset instead of the 865pe
I'm planning to upgrade my motherboard as well. Hence I've done some searching and found the SiS 655FX chip to be very attractive. Check this link out

I haven't found a Gigabyte manufactured one here in Korea. There aren't any noticeable difference with the other manufacturers except the onboard sound chip is different. Gigabyte uses the Realtek one. Don't know if that's better, worse, or equal to others. The most attractive thing about this, if you're not into overclocking, is its price.