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mobo fitting in a case

how do i find out what kind of mother board my case can hold? I wanted to do a new computer with new case and everything, but shoot, lets get real.. i dont care about having something cool thats just under my desk anyway.. i want my magic to happen on the screen. so, my 1998or1999 IBM Aptiva has a case number or name? where should i start looking???:confused:


Just measure the inside of your case up. ATX boards are around maximum 12"x9.6" (approx 30cm x 25cm) , MicroATX boards have maximum dimensions of 9.6"x9.6" (approx 25cm x 25cm)

Being an IBM, it's probably a small case, ie. microATX.

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all ATX mobos conform to ATX specifications so you should have minimal trouble getting one
Brand is still brand. It may not be 100% ATX or have a different PSU (like some Dells) or some other stupid problem. Just a caution. :)
the inside of my case says "BABY AT" and its an

S30 Mainboard
and its Case Model: 2174-590...

are there any websites that let you purchase the sliding part of the case only.. so i can upgrade the appeal of the computer case, but without buying everything again? :happy:


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you can get good cases with power supplies for much less than a hundred bucks. If you go modifing old cases you'll probably replace the PS and the slidy thingy and you'll spend more money and hassle than just buying a new case.

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I agree you can buy a nice case with front usb and sound plugs , power supply for as little as $50 bucks Can$.

Now watch all the ps guys jump all over this saying that psu will be no good ... well news flash I have built 8 over the last 6-7 monthes for myself and others and not one has had any troubles ...for $50 Can$ save yourself the headaches and spend a little cash ...
Baby AT, huh? No dice. Just get a new case. There's now way you're modifying that old case short of welding, dremeling and drilling. :)
Lol, have fun modding! I once modded an old server case (about 3 feet high) to accept an AT board. I don't even know what formfactor the case was to begin with (was a really old Acer). I had to do come cutting for the keyboard and mouse and make new standoffs.

Going from AT to ATX will need a new PS because of the motherboard connector differences. Plus, the PS from the AT case probably won't be powerful enough for today's hardware. Not to mention there is no IO shield in an AT that will line up (all the serial/printer ports in an AT are on cables). You're in for some fun modding I think.

My advice: break down and get a new case and PS.
AT PSU:s are more different than that. On an AT PSU the power switch acctually cuts the power. On an ATX PSU the button just triggers the mobo to jumpstart the PSU.

This is why an ATX computer can turn itelf off and an AT can't.

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