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Mobile phone [ recommandation ]


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After my T28hang up I've decided on another mobile phone ..

I've thought at these 2 models :
Nokia 6310i ( for this model I must wait 2 weeks .. for completing funds )
Nokia 3410 ( now )

I would like to hear others opinions , especially about the 3410 one .. the 6310i pretty .. familliar

Also in my list are :
Ericsson T68 & T39
Siemens SL45i

Wich is the perfect choice ?
I'm pretty sure the newest model of Nokia is going to be a very pretty and a cool phone.

I don't care for cell phones, I have a Tiny Nokia from some time 2...1 year ago, and I never use it :)

My aunt had some kinds of Siemens phone before, and she really liked it...


Don't go for the Siemens SL45 - I had one and its pants.

The 6310i is a nice phone but is a bit hooooge. The bluetooth feature is nice though.

The Sony Erricosn T68 has quite a slow interface but does look se><eh.

Don't know anything about the T39 or 3410 but I would take a look at the Nokia 6610 and the 7650. I will probably get flamed for saying the 7650 because everyone thinks it's so huge but you get used to it and when the camera is on the T68 its like a brick too. Don't go anywhere near the Nokia 7210. Several phone companies in the UK have withdrawn it from shelves because of all the bugs.

just my 2p
Out of the two that you have at in your poll, I would go for the 6310i, but I am also lookin at Upgradin my phone.
The T68i is a little more expensive than the 6310i, but its smaller and a bit more "se><y" lookin. Also they are both triband as well, if you are ever going to the states then that can be useful. Also the US is slowly movin over to a Mobile network that has increasin support for Text messaging, a feature that most yanks never seem to use apparently, but that is on the rise.

Lookin at the 3410, seems like a nice phone, but is 3g heavier than the 6310i, weird but true. The 6310 can also display an additional 2 lines of text on its screen. Both support downloadable Java apps, so you cant use that as a differentiation for them.

Basically its pretty much down to the appearance of the phone that you want.
The T68i only really sets itself apart by havin support for MMS, which is the newer enhanced version of SMS.


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i voted

i said 6310i of course! bluetooth! but u should consider also the 6610 or the 7210 and the rest of the new cool nokias or the sony ericsson p800 if money is not a problem


Originally posted by Geffy
Also the US is slowly movin over to a Mobile network that has increasin support for Text messaging, a feature that most yanks never seem to use apparently, but that is on the rise.
How come they don't use text messaging?
Dunno, my dad was sayin it was cause they had an analogue network (900 MHz or GHz or whatever, you can pick the frequency up with a radio band scanner) and they have recently switched to the GSM network standard, so they can support it now. I really dont know why yanks dont use SMS, I mean I could barely live without it now.


I may actually be insane.
Heh, im with you nick, i used to know every single phone out and every feature they had, now i hate the damned things, way too commercial :p
Personaly i own a Siemens C45 and it makes phone calls... thats all i need it to do. :)


Graphic Designer
I don't agree with your opinion , sorry ..
Technology must be contained in every actual phone , doesn't matter brand or .. , if u use it or not .. that a personal problem .. :cool:
Its not Nick Ms age is where he comes from, they dont use mobiles in the US as much as we do in europe, prob something to do with us having a better network deployment.

Nick M, just curious what model phone do you have but not use?
Is it one of the motorola flip ones, I just noticed that just about every single person I saw in the US when I was last there had a motorola flip one. I will see if I can find a pic of it.
* laughing hard *

They don't use mobile phones in the USA? Whahaha

I don't care for phones, for the following reason:

EVERYONE has one. Everyone, wants that flashing antenna, that lighted keypad, when a new model comes out, it's like a trend, they MUST have it.

Trust me, they don't need the PDA on it, or the color screen.

It's just another trend, and I presonally hate trendies.

I have no idea of the model phone I have, I got it last summer, but I gave it to my mum, she uses it more then I do, I use it, to make phone calls :) Like speedy said, that's all I need it to do.

Hey Geffy, everyone had the moterola flip ones..the metal encased ones. Why, I don't know...

Don't worry Cosmin, Nick is old enough to know a lot of things, just, not phones :p
flashin antennas, funky keypads

I dont care for that shiz, I just like a nice phone, that does what I want, and doesnt have all of the physical and visual qualities of a brick.

Nick, your phone is older than the 8210, that ones been out for donkeys years it seems.

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