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Jul 26, 2018
Hey guys as the title says I'm looking to start developing some mobile apps (written in c# using xamarin)for buisness. The core idea is to develop applications that can help increase company profitability. It would be sold as Software As Service and given free just charge every time a customer uses it for a purchase. Now my main concern is overhead for sql server I haven't gotten that part down but am currently in the process of learning. So just a few points like what's a average cost for a server.How do I handle payments within a mobile app. Are there any other hidden costs I should be aware of like licensing, server hosting fee (should customer or I pay for that), legal fees? if you can help me maybe think of the things I'm overlooking I would appreciate it. I'm trying to have my bases covered before I act.


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Oct 9, 2018
Well, there are some minor App-Store costs. The server costs totally depend on the app, user count, how well your server software is coded and more. You can start from 10$ per month and may expand to multiple thousands per month. The most important thing is, that your system scales well. If you offer SaaS, of course, you have to pay the server upkeep, but will be indirectly refunded by your customer. And please do not access a SQL Server directly from your mobile app. You can contact me if you need any help with setting up a server software. If you want payments to be directly integrated into your app, I recommend using the payment methods offered by the app store. It's pretty simple and as a one-man-army you do not have time for fiddling with payment stuff.


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Jul 26, 2018
I'd suggest you start by first identifying a problem that businesses need solved and then determine if a mobile app is the best approach. The architecture issues are much easier when you have a clear understanding of what the product should be doing. I can recommend RugyGarage web development company. Just look their works on website Mobile application development services I worked with them for my last project.

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