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MMX Mobydock!


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very, very nice. good job. The only thing I would have done differently is put the WMP toolbar next to the start button.

Good job mavis and o_


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Well I dont really know, actually I dont even have MobyDock on my system.. slows it down too much :( But I will download it again later and tweak it to make it take up lesser resources. However you could try playing with MobyDock's Control Panel... you might find something in there.


Electronica Addict
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I think you have to drag it. Again check in the control panel, also you might want to look at the readme included with MobyDock. And you want version 0.6 :)


Originally posted by Bootsy
i got it, I just restarted it =]
anyone know if theres any way to place the dock on the top of the screen instead of the bottom?
Yes. There should be a setting in the moby dock control panel to set the coordinates that the dock should take up.

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