Anyone familiar with this error message on boot-up:

MMVCP70.dll not found, reinstalling application may help?

If so, any good recommendations and is this likely to affect my ability to access the internet... I have been having trouble with my new ISP- Qwest/MSN D/SL and have already ran Spybot, Adware and McAffee!?


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That DLL is realated to MusicMatch. Have you recently removed it? It might have an orphaned startup entry.
j79zlr said:
That DLL is realated to MusicMatch. Have you recently removed it? It might have an orphaned startup entry.
I actually removed it awhile back, and just don't restart my computer that often.

Is it a big concern? Do you know how to fix it?


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Click Start, go to Run, type MSCONFIG

Under the startup tab, look for that entry, uncheck the box and reboot. Also look for any entries related to Musicmatch Jukebox, and remove those.

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If entries for Musicmatch are there in startup and you want to permanently remove them without unchecking a box then do the following.

Start > run > regedit

Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

Click on the run key so it is highlighted then look in the right pane for the startup entries. Find the entries belonging to Musicmatch and delete them.


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ccleaner will work also. It is still a good idea to do a registry search for things that it missed .. You could also use regcleaner for it as well ..


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All of the above suggestions are viable.

Start Menu\Run
Type: regedit
Press the enter key
In the left pane of the regedit window, My Computer should be hilighted. If not, click on it.
Select Find from the Edit menu
Enter MMVCP70.dll in the Find what field
Click on the Find Next button
When a match is found, hit Delete key, Enter key, then the F3 key to find the next match.
When all matches have been found and deleted, exit regedit.
Restart the computer. (optional, registry is live)

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