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mmmmm sound drivers a pain?

ok, this is a wonderful finish to a pain of a day... I finally get my network to let me get on it, and then i get on to actually setting up my pc.... yey! BUT i donwloadf sp2, install it fine, then install via 4 in 1, and then try to install sound drivers... at which point my pc crashes and burns rebooting windows. try again... same thing again! argghh!

tried to remove any trace of the vinyl codec - but it wont let me uninstall it as it only partly installed :S

Anyone had this problem too? Any solutions?

Cheers All



There is no answer!
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you say you tried to remove the vinyl codec? who is the manufacter of the soundcard, is it rc97. once you find out go to there website or go here for the driver, http://www.driverguide.com/.

also try installing the vinyl codec again and then reinstalling it. or alternatively, search for any file that with the vinyl as a keyword, also you could go so far as deleting any vinyl codec entries in the registry, but only do this if you are experienced with the reg.

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