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Can you have a stick of pc2700 and a stick of pc3200 in a pc at the same time. I need to upgrade my ram, and Crucial and best buy say pc2700, while th emachines site says i can use pc3200..


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Unless you are running dual channel DDR you can stuff anything you want into any machine. It will just run at the speed of the slowest stick. (Exception, some machines require you to use buffered RAM if all 4 slots are populated.)

Some stupider bioses may lock up if you put a fast stick in the first slot becasue they don't look at the speed ratings for all the sticks. Just put the slowest stick in the first slot if this happens.

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If you really want to keep the older RAM in there (I didn't, though my old was XMS 2400), just pair the DIMMs appropriately. AKA, don't put a DDR 2700 and a DDR 3200 DIMM in the same bank, keep both of the same type/speed in their own respective banks, and then it should go OK, albeit slower.

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