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Missing Welcome Screen

One day everything is working fine and the next time I log on, the Welcome screen has been replaced with the Win2k login type. Also, when I press WinKey+L, it locks my PC the "old way" instead of returning me to the Welcome screen.

I've checked the User Accounts control panel where you can "change the way a user logs on and off". I've even un-checked them, applied changes, rebooted and then rechecked them again.

Nothing was changed. I shut down one night normally and the next day this. I checked my event log and there isn't anything there.

It's not really a huge deal, but I'd like to know why it did this and how to return it to normal. Plus, I can no longer see my customized login screen. :)
there it is........finally someone with the same problem ive had for a long time and posted a couple times before places...

of all my computers both here on my desk do that, all others are still fine. the log on screen (like the one you see in 2000) is what you would get on xp if the computer was added to a domain. when this is done it disables the xp log on and quick user switching and all that xp stuff for the secure network log on using the screen like all NT versions have always had.

i haven't broken my back over it trying to fix as all else still works just fine but have checked for settings, info or patches for it but nothing so far. mine happened before the Sp so is not that, hoped it might fix it but didn't.
can ask, what do you use for INTERNET and u use tweak ui?
mine was after i got my Verizon dsl (theres a network login setup to access it, that might have changed some setting) or tweak ui i use to login as i boot, only other change i made that might have done it, but don't think so.
anyone else?:confused: :confused: :(
I use AOL on 56k (don't laugh!) and nothing was changed there. Also, I'm not on a domain so that's not it either. Actually, on a domain, you don't even have the option to change how XP logs on.

Yes, I use TweakUI and have gone through the various settings to no avail. Even so, I haven't changed anything since I installed it way back.

The only thing I did the day the login changed was a little web coding and played Midtown Madness2 for a bit.

Lucky for me I have an image of my drive so I'll just restore to that if I can't figure out the problem. Actually, maybe it's time for a fresh re-install anyway. Now, I just have to justify the re-installation to myself by going out and buying a new mobo. nForce2 sounds nice... :)
still be nice if someone stumbled on what it is......... i have two machines on my desk here and be nice to fix with no reload or anything..........

any others see this or are we the only two??:confused: :confused:


This often happens when you install a bad login screen. If XP finds a problem with the currently installed login screen, it will ignore it and use the old 2k style login. I had this problem a lot when I was testing the WarCraft 3 login screen that I made. Just restore the default login screen or find one that works.
Well, that makes sense, but I hadn't payed with the login at all. Just one day: Poof! it was gone! I never touched a system file for several weeks, so I still don't know what happened. Maybe the custom login got corrupted somehow on boot. Who knows. There was nothing in my events.log so I guess it will remain a mystery.

All that matters is that it works now, and that Spikemic has something he can try too.
yea........... thanks that did do it......back to what it used to be

yes i did change login screens a long time ago than back, that must have disturbed it

appreciate the program/help.:happy:


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Go into

Control Panel
User Accounts
Change the way users login
use the wolcome screen should be checked.
fast user switching should also be checked.


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this happend to me when i downloaded the windows update .net framework. It screwed up my system bad. Uninstalled it and all is fine now. Same symptoms as you discribed.

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