Missing text on emails and web pages ....

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by MargaritaIce, Feb 28, 2004.

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    My PC @ the office is doing some really weird stuff.

    On various webpages, there will be no text, missing text, or even just pics and no text. Also, when in Outlook I will receive an email and no text will be displayed in the email msg. Yet, when I reply to said msg. then I can read all the text. As far as the web pages are concerned, when I place the cursor over where the text should be, the cursor blinks and shakes irradically; I downloaded Mozilla Firefox, and all is good, which rules out a hardware issue. I havent found anything in M$'s Support Base, anyone's input would be greatly appreciated. I have about 40 Gig of data on HD so I really want to avoid doing a clean install. All software and XP files are up to date, and have checked for virus infestations, and nothing...

    Anyone's input would be greatly appreciated.